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The only person seventeen-year-old Jocelyn has ever been able to depend on is her brother Jack. That's why she's devastated by his unexpected death, until he contacts her! Determined to find out why Jack faked his death, Jocelyn starts following the clues he left. When this leads her back to Seale House and the eerie foster care world from five years ago, she has no choice but to seek help from Noah, Jack's long-time friend. Yet now Noah is far different from the boy she once secretly loved. After convincing him to help her, they set out to solve the riddle of Jack's disappearance. Soon they realize that someone else is looking for Jack. Someone dangerous. Even more frightening, the supernatural events from five years ago are starting to happen all over again. Jocelyn must begin to unravel her childhood fears, elude the stalkers who are following her, and face her feelings for Noah. Most important of all, she must learn the startling truth about her brother.

BloomsburyUSA, Feb 14, 2012

Chapter One          Discussion Guide

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Jack's Clues Puzzle Pieces

Download Jack's Clues From The Vanishing Game

(Warning: Spoiler Alert!)

Try to solve Jack's clues yourself by downloading and printing each clue. If you need help the solution to each clue is also provided.




Update: New Title! The Invisible Box is now Inherit Midnight.

Avery VanDemere says she's lived her whole life in prisons—-one is a mansion, the others are private schools—-but prisons, still. That's why, during the last couple of years, she's perfected the ability of learning how to escape. On the brink of finally freeing herself from a hated boarding school, she is unexpectedly returned home and thrust in the middle of a competition. Her grandmother, the family matriarch, is now determined to discover the most worthy VanDemere to be named sole inheritor. With the help of Riley Tate, the handsome son of her grandmother's lawyer, Avery sets out to do much more than prove she should inherit the massive family wealth. She has a secret mission of her own, and that's to discover the truth about what really happened to the mother she never knew. Along the way she must pass difficult and sometimes perilous challenges, avoid treacherous relatives, and sort out her growing feelings for Riley. She'll have to act quickly, though; the pressure is on and with each challenge, her competitors are more desperate to win—and to them that means getting rid of Avery.

BloomsburyUSA, January 2015

Chapter One: Escape



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