My editor, Caroline Abbey, sent me TVG’s first big review, and it’s a good one. I’ve left in the highlighted sentences since that’s how Caroline emailed it. The reviewer did a super job encapsulating the story, and I appreciate the positive comments. Thanks, VOYA!
Myers, Kate Kae. The Vanishing Game. Bloomsbury, 2012. 368 p. $16.99. 978-1599906942.

“Abandoned by their unbalanced, abusive mother, twins Jocelyn and Jack relied on each other through a series of foster homes. Jack’s sudden death in a car accident leaves Jocelyn reeling and rudderless. Then, a letter bearing a cryptic clue arrives from “Jason December,” Jack’s alter ego from childhood riddles and treasure hunts. The letter sends Jocelyn back in time to age twelve at a foster home called Seale House, a sinister place that holds dark memories. Believing Jack to be alive, Jocelyn reunites with Noah, an old friend and former resident of Seale House. Together, they face their troubled pasts and follow the trail of obscure clues in hopes that they will lead to Jack. But someone is trying to stop them. Jocelyn’s voice rings true as a resilient yet damaged survivor of abuse and neglect. The memories of Seale House are painful for Jocelyn and she frequently turns away before all the details are revealed, which raises the suspicion that she may be an unreliable narrator. The narrative cuts back and forth between a dangerous present and nightmarish flashbacks to the past, the puzzle pieces never quite fitting into place. A gripping mystery with strong but flawed characters, the book is impossible to put down. The reader races to keep up with the plot only to get walloped by a mind-blowing twist ending that turns the entire story upside down.  Recommend this to teens who like intrigue, mystery, and suspense.” - VOYA